Royal Enfield Commences Motorcycle Production in Nepal, Classic 350 Price Slashed by One Lakh Rupees

Royal Enfield Commences Motorcycle Production in Nepal, Classic 350 Price Slashed by One Lakh Rupees

Kathmandu: The production of Royal Enfield motorcycles, beloved by bike enthusiasts, has commenced in Nepal through a collaboration with the Nepali business house Triveni Group. Two internationally renowned motorcycle models are being assembled in Nepal.

While Royal Enfield has its main manufacturing facility in Tamil Nadu, India, a completely knocked-down (CKD) unit has been established in Birgunj to handle motorcycle assembly. The first model produced by this unit was launched on Friday last week.​​​​​​​

The factory currently employs 50 people and aims to manufacture up to 20,000 motorcycles annually in Nepal. This not only provides employment opportunities but also reduces the price of the motorcycles.​​​​​​​

The price of the newly released version of the Classic 350 is set at 499,000 rupees, which is a significant decrease from the previous price of 640,000 rupees. The other model, Scram-411, is priced at 660,000 rupees.​​​​​​​

Royal Enfield’s production center in Birgunj has the capacity to manufacture 20,000 motorcycles annually, according to the company.​​​​​​

Prior to the motorcycle launch, the company organized a test drive from Kathmandu to Nagarkot for a group of bike enthusiasts. Following the test drive, two models of the motorcycle were unveiled during a press conference.​​​​​​​

During the press conference, CCO Yadvinder Singh Guleria, discussed the goals and future strategies of establishing a plant in Nepal. ​​​​​​​

This CKD unit in Nepal is the fifth of its kind, with other units located in Brazil, Thailand, Colombia, and Argentina. Royal Enfield CEO Govindarajan stated that the establishment of a unit in Nepal will facilitate business expansion in the SAARC region itself.

“We are delighted to operate the fifth CKD unit in Nepal,” said CCO Guleria. “Now, Nepali motorcycle enthusiasts can ride the internationally renowned brand Royal Enfield, assembled in Nepal. I am confident that Nepali motorcycle lovers will be pleased.”

He emphasized that quality is a key attribute of Royal Enfield motorcycles, regardless of where they are manufactured. He stated, “We do not compromise on quality based on the region. Whether you buy a motorcycle assembled in Nepal or one made in America, the quality remains the same.”​​​​​​​

Since its entry into Nepal in 2000, Royal Enfield has gained 40,000 users in the country. Official sales began in 2016, and there are approximately 100 Royal Enfield biker clubs in Nepal.​​​​​​​

CEO Govindarajan mentioned the large number of motorcycle enthusiasts in Nepal and predicted that Royal Enfield would soon become a popular brand in the country due to its suitability for both hot and cold climates.

“We have established four CKD units in the Asia Pacific and South America. Recently, we have also initiated direct business in the UK,” he said. “Considering our international market expansion plan, there is great potential for business growth in Nepal. That is the objective of establishing a new CKD unit.”​​​​​​​

Royal Enfield has partnered with the Triveni Group in Nepal, and the CKD unit in Birgunj is evidence of the company’s commitment to the motorcycle riding community, as stated by CCO Guleria. 

He also emphasized that the motorcycles manufactured by Royal Enfield are well-suited for the local terrain in Nepal.

On Friday, the company launched two models in Nepal: the Timeless Classic 350, assembled in Nepal, and the ADV Crossover Scram 411. While the Scram 411 is exclusive to Nepal, according to company officials.​​​​​​​

The company has announced plans to expand its retail network in Nepal from 18 to 35 outlets in the coming year, covering 30 different cities.​​​​​​​

The Classic 350 is a retro-style motorcycle inspired by British motorcycles that gained popularity among enthusiasts worldwide after World War II. It features a timeless design, comfortable riding experience, and is equipped with a J-series engine and single-channel ABS. The Classic 350 is available in six different colors and is priced at 499,000 rupees.

The Scram 411, on the other hand, is Royal Enfield’s first urban adventure crossover. Built on the LS-140 engine platform and Harris Performance chassis, it is suitable for both rough terrains and urban roads. In Nepal, the Scram 411 is offered in seven different colors and is priced at 660,000 rupees

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